Our services are offered in home or in clinic.

Autism Therapy

SocInq's Behavior Coaching programs use ABA techniques to procedurally disrupt behavior patterns and reconfigure them to promote more socially adaptive behaviors. Simply, the ABA practice of extinction can help manage behaviors, to include a child screaming to get mom's attention, a teen leaving class when the lesson becomes overwhelming and a young adult 's irresponsible spending.

Behavior Coaching

SocInq understands neurodiverse persons process, view and function in the world with a unique lens and offer individual therapy in consideration of the Autism perspective.​

Autism Therapy

Therapy Services

SocInq offers an array of therapy options encompassing a combination of traditional talk, art and recreation therapy.

Individual therapy allows for introspection and self-empowerment, while group therapy capitalizes on the support of the socio-emotional environment for positive progress.

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Intensive individual therapy and intensive group therapy's objectives are goal oriented and solution focused centering on psychoeducation and skills practice.

Intensive Individual Therapy

Intensive Group Therapy

Family Coaching, similar to family therapy, focuses on improving family relationships.

Family Coaching

Resource Navigation

SocInq provides individual provisionary services.

Resource Navigation services assists individuals and families connect to specialized service providers in the community, from psychiatrists to special needs tutors.

Resource Navigation

Care Coordination helps individuals and families with applying for a myriad of services, to include Medicaid and Medicare services, connecting to developmental services, and accessing special needs housing and grants as well as troubleshooting associated problems such as transportation.

Care Coordination