Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions provide a platform to empower individuals on their own personal journey of mental wellness and introspection.  It provides you the opportunity to examine or make observations into your own mental and emotional processes, the capacity to explore your inner world and feelings, in addition to gaining the ability to foster a personal focus on planning and managing your life.  Such personal growth allows you to improve your personal relationship with yourself as well as interact effectively with others.  The therapeutic relationship capitalizes on the support of a socio-emotional environment for positive progress.  In addition to traditional talk-therapy, our approach to individual therapy incorporates facets of Applied Behavioral Analysis, Art Therapy, Music Therapy and Recreational therapy.  If you are experiencing stress, relationship strain, anxiety, low motivation, lack of interest, loss of a loved one or the break down of family bonds, individual therapy is a great way to address these issues.  Individual therapy can help you improve communication and create positive change in your life.  All services are facilitated in home, in clinic or via web video.

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